15 Good Reasons Why You Should Become an Affiliate Marketer

1.  Production Costs are not an issue. You do not have to produce anything; the merchant has already done all the research, development and production for you.

2.  Low Cost Set-up. Having your own internet-based business is cheap and easy. As long as you have a computer, a reliable internet connection, and some standard word-processing software, you are all set to start making money from affiliate programs.

3.  No Fees or Licenses. The majority of affiliate programs are free to join and your sales area is only limited by your ability to promote your website. Although you do not need a license to promote a product, always read the company’s terms and conditions before promoting a product. There are often a number of things you are not allowed to do, which are probably things you wouldn’t do anyway!

4.  Sell Almost Anything! Unless you have chosen the most obscure niche for your website, you will be able to find hundreds of related products that you can promote through affiliate marketing.

5.  No Sales Experience Needed. If you have absolutely no sales experience it will not be a problem. Affiliate companies offer excellent marketing material to use as your sales copy. You could have your affiliate website up in less than one day.

6.  No Employees. You can be an affiliate marketer on your own, without the huge expense of hiring regular full or part time employees.

7.  No Merchant Accounts. You will never have to set up a merchant account, or worry about credit card processing, chargebacks or fraud.

8.  No Inventory. You can work out of a small room and sell large items; you will never have to worry about storage.

9.  No Order Processing. The merchant deals with credit card processing, emails, billing and delivery addresses, and answers any questions the customer may have.

10. No Shipping. If you have ever sold an item on eBay® you will know what a hassle it is to quote the shipping costs, find packing materials and boxes, and then ship the item. This is all done for you.

11. No Customer Service. No more difficult customers, complaints and returns to deal with.

12. Make Money While You Sleep. No more 8 to 5, your website will be making money for you 24/7.

13. Worldwide Marketplace. The English language is spoken everywhere, at home and abroad, and the internet is the world’s largest marketplace. Once you start getting visitors, your site can attract more customers than any small bricks and mortar store ever could.

14. Minimal Risk. Watch your statistics every day and decide which products are making money for you and which are not. Take those links down, and try different products until you see good results. You have no long-term commitment to any product.

15. High Income Potential. If you have an hourly paid job there is little to do but wait for a raise, or work overtime to earn extra money. With affiliate marketing, your earnings are only limited by your own ambitions and desires. The harder you work, the more you will earn.

Take your laptop on vacation and keep an eye on your earnings, or leave it at home. Your website will be making money for you wherever you are. There is no other business on the planet that can offer such huge returns for so little investment.

Gabriele Cramer-Knebel
Internet Marketing Training

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